Sunday, April 29, 2007

I finally scanned this!

This has taken so long and while i have showed to our familes, my cell & Ww's cell it's time it get to be seen by the world.

It's a ultrasound scan at 7weeks. Honestly i didn't expect to see baby (i really dunno what to call him/her since we dunno the gender yet so i'll just call baby for easy reference) then, thought it was really too early (even to go see a gynae, considering ppl r seeing gynaes the moment they find out)

Anyway that heartshaped blackish thing is actually the waterbag and the little patch at the corner is baby who's only abt 13.8mm then. the 4 white dots is actually the computer ruler thingy lar..not part of the baby. we saw baby's beating heart (very fast), head, little dots which my gynae said its' the hands and legs.

In a way it's a whole different thing to see baby via i really felt there REALLY is a new life inside me. Honestly baby's arrival is quite unexpected (we were planning to start planning end of this year) plus i just found a new job and only discovered 3 days before my first day of work...and so i have kinda mixed feelings about it. Tho Ww has super excited haa...and started telling the almost the whole world as soon as we 'confirmed' it. Still God's timing is really beautiful, just as we remember the bible verses we chose for our wedding in Ecclesiastes 3, that God has made everything beautiful in His time, so is baby part of that beautiful timing of His and i'm glad.

anyway this is how u find out if you're really pregnant after the signs seem to bug u.

bought 2 for $19.90 which is...hmm.. i think expensive tho. and it's fast way to find out.

more on other things soon i hope..meanwhile at coming to week 10 of pregnancy, my morning sickness seems to be taking a turn for worse. i'm losing my appetite even tho i would love to eat but food seems to want to come out. my succesful 'throwing-out' count is 4 so far...(i hate to throw out i try not to but sometimes after throwing-out i feel better...tho not for long.

thank God for public holidays anyway, rest is a gem.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

i'm 9 weeks

This gotta start somewhere and i don't want this blog to mix with my personal one otherwise it gets confusing..and i've been dragging this on forever...because i'm tired after work and because of all the morning sickness feelings (i'll call it night sickness cos it strikes worst at night)
I'll continue another day...when i'm feeling better :)