Saturday, August 25, 2007

28 weeks

I thought i would bother to update everytime after my gynae's visit..cos that's when i have the ultrasound scan. whell..not so much the other time around. we knew that baby Eliza is abt 680g @ 24weeks. and she was facing down again so we couldn't really see her face. but we were able to hear her heartbeat really loud!

meanwhile i'm growing larger and i wonder how much more will i grow with baby in the next 10+weeks. of course there are some changes over the past 26 weeks that i get used to as an expecting mum...really, as much as hormones makes my body change in preparation for baby's also makes you kinda different, react here are some things in random order
- you dream more than usual (weird dreams and i don't dream a lot usually)
- you eat..for me i enjoy eating more but i'm also a lil choosy of what i eat and when. then again i also do try to watch what i more fruits, more cereal, less oily stuff, no raw food
- food cravings..i don't have...i say they're just inspirational
- food repulsions...i don't like the taste of milk...sadly which i used to like a lot. but i make up with calcium supplements, and this Ensure vanilla milk powder which my mum bought me initially that really doesn't taste like milk
- washing at the sink isn't so convenient coz belly's increasing the distance b/w me & the sometimes i have to turn sideways to wash...or mayb it's just that my kitchen sink is too big
- standing and walking. honestly i quite fine with walking (i see it as exercise)...but not standing. because you don't get to move much when you stand...and i think blood doesn't flow too much so i get a lil tired more easily than normal (that's y it's a nice thing to do to give up yr seats to pregnant ladies..and also for her safety)
- climbing stairs...i see it as exercise but gosh i get out of breath more easily than normal...must be the extra weight i put on!
- burping. i don't know why...there's always so much air and so much to burp...but that was earlier in the pregnancy..and not so much now
- sleeping at night...i don't fall asleep so easily nowadays because i'll have to try to toss and turn until i find a nice and comfortable position to sleep but i still sleep like a log till the morning
- reading - i've been like reading as much as i can..magazines, pregnancy books, baby books and still it's never enough and i feel like i don't really know until i experienced it.

I wrote those about a week earlier but for some reason, my comp hung and i was to lazy to start it up again so i'm starting some writing again.

Today we went for gynae check up and Eliza has almost doubled in weight since we last saw her thru the ultrascan.
oh this was the 3 weeks ago one...

we had such a hard time seeing her coz her head was facing down again..but this week we did see her..moving her arms and legs, turning her head a bit.

and now she weighs 1.1kg! and me....i gained 1.8kg since my last gynae visit which was 3 weeks ago! gosh...even though Eliza's weight gain is 1/3 of my weight gain. wonder i'm feelin heavier lately.

Now's the time to start preparing for baby things, cot and all sorts. so we went to the Taka sale and bought...mainly clothes. my sis-in-law says she has lots of milk bottles, then we have a sterilizer at home already...till in the end i juz bought baby wipes and clothes.
Ww picked this one out which is really cute!

and who can resist such sweet socks!! the thing about having girls is the beautiful and sweet clothes for girls.

these are the clothes i've bought so far...

...not counting some that friends have given also...stored in a box which i'm too lazy to pull it out until one fine day we have the energy and time to go buy a cabinet for Eliza's things.

there are much i would love to write but i'm sleepy at 9pm....yawns...maybe because i missed my sunday afternoon nap. i think i'm going to sleep more over this weekend. meanwhile i hope i can stay awake and wait till Ww comes back to show me his Teacher's day gifts.