Saturday, October 16, 2010


I wish i can write more...there's so much to write about Eliza who has been so charming.

The 'in' thing for her to do now is make 2D houses on the floor which she'll invite us to come in. Sweet. Her passion for arranging things has developed to arranging a large shape which she calls her house.

I'm thankful for Eliza who has been relatively cooperative and for Ww who has been taking over much of the playtime with Eliza from me. They're really a lot more energetic, loud & hilarious, which i think is great for eliza from the way i see her enjoy her playtime with daddy so much.

For the past 3 weeks, i've been running on low energy because of the surprise arrival of cutie pie no.2! We've been waiting for no.2 for so long (ok a little past one year?) and when he/she arrived we were a little surprised but delighted. No.2 is God's gift in God's own time. I wondered if we were foolish to still try for a baby so close to next year's changes but if God gives, He will, if not He won't. It's a little complicated because of the many changes next year but if it all goes well, no.2 will be born in Canberra. If all goes to plan, it may not all be that bad...i can't imagine going through my first tri all alone with Eliza & Ww, if we had conceived one there...and i kinda didn't want to wait till Eliza was 7 yrs old to have my next one. Maybe 2 kids is all we'll have..just nice. hmm?

It's a little crazy because this time round, i feel a lot more exhausted, more throwing up, more lethargy than i remember during my first trimester with Eliza. I'm asleep by 10pm which means i haven't been doing my usual online stuff for weeks. I can't seem to eat fruits/milk and all the healthy stuff, but i'm eating all the really sweet/salty/oily stuff. There're days i wish i could lie in bed all day. So i'm just praying this hormone thing stabilizes and i can be back to normal....somehow.