Thursday, May 10, 2007

Week 11

Week 11 is a little better maybe because i get to come home after work, less throwing up even though the feeling is there. Just when i'm getting used to how to throw up successfully...aka make a mess at the toilet bowl. and interestingly i only throw up at home other toilets aren't nice at all. i was telling S i'm feelin like an animal (ok not really...) but cos of my increased sense of smell...and disgust at many bad ones...which contributes to why i always want to throw up when i come home..cramped mrt and bus have smelly people.

Actually being happy helps. Asking God for strength each day to endure the rest of the day helps too. And i love my mornings because it's the time of the day i feel the least nausea.

Meanwhile just like every expecting mum, i read up as much as i can in books, online about watever there is on pregnancy, subscribe to online newsletters. Was reading a newsletter frm of mothers who talk about what they like best and least about being a mum. and i realize..and realizing i'm entering a completely different stage of my that will change my life because of this little life who's joining us. i can't imagine but i will know when he/she comes. i guess it's something you read about other's experiences but never know until you experience it. can't believe i'm gonna experience it so soon.

My 2nd appointment is next monday..can't wait to see baby! some have been asking whether we would like a girl or boy...we won't get to know yet but i would like a girl..and Ww after playing with his nephews said he would like a boy. haha..watever..we would love whether baby's a girl or boy cos baby's God gift. anyw not so soon...prob at least by 3rd or 4th appt will we get to know.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Evening sickness kicks in

I'm not sure if it's a good thing that it's evening and not morning sickness. Maybe it is. So by the end of the day i'm just tired out...coupled with emptying my dinner by 10pm...and hoping to get a good rest. It has been like this since Sunday so i guess no more full and good dinners from now, at least not till this sickness thing is over. If it had been morning sickness my beginning of the day would have been tired out already...other than the throwing up at night is the nauseated feeling throughout the day which i sometimes don't realize when i'm busy...but it's there.
I think i'm getting used to this...tho it freaks Ww out everytime i vomit.

Hope things will get better soon. energy levels are still low and it's hard to concentrate at work. but i'm looking forward to my next appt on the 14th may. :) hope to see baby soon.