Sunday, June 24, 2007

Baby's name

While we still do not know whether baby's a boy or girl we already had an idea on baby's name. If he's a boy...then it's quite default he'll be called Elijah. It's a name Ww has already decided very long ago that he'll name his son Elijah.

What does Elijah mean? it means that My God is the Lord. If you're familar with Elijah, a Hebrew prophet from the bible (1 & 2 Kings).

If she's a girl, then we'll name her Elizabeth or Eliza. Actually i kinda wanted Eliza but it's a short form of Elizabeth anyway after a little research. Both names mean My God is a vow. We'll bother about that later since there's still 5 months to figure out.

Next is chinese name...think hard. will prob have to get someone to help us with first Ww had ideas of not giving a chinese name but i felt that chinese names can really be meaningful and beautiful. gets active sometimes and i can feel movements. not really strong ones like kicking (maybe it is but cos baby's still so small!) but i know baby's moving around inside like how we saw thru the ultrasound scan. Dr.Tan mentioned that an active baby is also a good sign of a healthy baby.

For every mother, whether it's a girl or boy we all want our children to be healthy and well.

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