Thursday, March 20, 2008

About discipline

I've been reading again. which i realized why...i went back to work this week after a week of break...i'll usually read on my way home in the mrt & bus. i'm always too sleepy to read on my way to work and will doze of (into deep sleep) in the mrt frm tamp to pasir ris and all the way to city hall. i realized i missed Eliza so much on monday.

been reading Babywise part 2. talks about weaning & discipline.
about weaning...
i'm still a lil unsure how i'll go about starting it. but i won't start her on solids till she's at least 5mths +. can't find the GF book on weaning tho.

then about discipline.
i realized that after dealing with all the milk drinking, sleep and nap issues. once she starts to grow up it's to deal with discipline issues. reading Babywise part2 made me realize that some things need to start early, or more like at the right time and not too late, to prevent having to do re-parenting or correction. a lil elaborate to explain now...cos i got 15 more mins to finished this post b4 i need to feed Eliza her dreamfeed. i wonder if i'll even remember when the time comes...and after all we can say all of us were brought up by our parents in their way and we ended up ok. i would think that good parenting habits will make life easier for parents and their kids. it's a daunting issue...and i also have to communicate it to my mil as well. it's really a process we're gonna be learning (everything feels so experimental!!), and in my bedtime prayer with Eliza, i always pray that God give me the wisdom to teach Eliza to walk in His ways. God help us.

busy weekend with Ww's nephews here and both of them are sick...hope Eliza stays strong!!

while i was home alone with Eliza last week....
had to leave her alone while i get some stuff done so i'll leave her on the sofa with her bug book to entertain her...actually it's that butterfly she's trying to swat. keeps her entertained for quite a while. :)

while i'm hanging the clothes...i didn't want to keep her on the sofa out of my sight, so sat her on Bumbo to watch me...but after a while she was more interested in her foot.

on of Eliza's fav toy...this elephant called mumbojumbo that we bought from Bangkok last has this bell inside that makes lingling i guess that's why..

So difficult to take photos of her hands and feet cos she's always so happily active and moving...but managed this shot of her cutie hands. just like line-y

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