Thursday, April 3, 2008

sleepless days and nights

I'm tired out. phews!
first it's late night working...then it's Eliza. I had a post i haven't finished since sunday and i haven't had time time to update and post it yet.

We don't know why...Eliza has not been wanting to sleep in the day since tuesday, and then today she only eventually slept at 940pm. i'm tired cos i've been going in and out of the room, and then carrying her (which i didn't usually do last was easier, bedtime routine, pop the pacifier and within 15mins she'll be asleep). today, even though she knocked out after her evening milk, she was awake in 1/2hr and i couldn't finish my dinner. :( at first it was a burp, then she was blinking wide awake...happily playing. we are suspecting that she's teething...could she? she's only 4mths old. yawns..i wish for some good sleep...nights aren't better cos she'll fuss for 1/2 hr and then i realize that she doesn't want to be sleeping, so it's abt 1hr of carrying her and trying to get her to zz again.

so now i'm a cranky, lack of sleep mum...but still i'm so happy to see her, and happy to play with her and have her squeal in delight. yawns..but i'm tired.

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