Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is random...everyone at home is enjoying Eliza so much (despite her outbursts when she has to take her meds...and we have no choice but to force her even though she'll shake her head and run away).

On signing...
We have been seeing Eliza signing a lot more these days. Somehow she's not at the stage to talk yet. (ww's colleague's daughter who is about 1mth younger than her can utter quite a few words and even two-word phrases...i'm like wow...) So Eliza still at the signing stage and i think i've accidently heard her mumble words like 'toothbrush', 'bao4 zhi3', 'banana', 'bye bye', 'hai' and 'apple'. That's about it..and i barely heard a repeat on it anymore.

I managed to get Signing times 3-8 which are more for older kids and found that i still preferred Baby Signing Times cos it has more music. Trying to get hold of the vol 3 & 4 cos it just came into the market Oct last year.
These days she's into signing:
- Fish (Ww was saying he's going to put the fish in the wok to steam, and Eliza started signing fish)
- Bird
- Please
- All done
- Horse
- Train
- Boat
- Book
- Dog

It takes a while for me to figure out some of the signs cos she's i guess her finger works aren't that developed yet. So somehow or rather, all of us get to learn her kind of sign. Even baby sign isn't the same. But it's really cool watching her learn all these stuff.

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