Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updating old photos

I'm still updating photos....

It's fun when kids help out at home thought my fil wasn't too keen on her helping out. She was actually putting all the bean sprouts back into the basket when she think it belongs. it's a saturday morning, if you can see Ww doing his usual saturday morning read. Eliza now only occasionally disturb him, she has somewhat gotten used to everyone in the household reading newspapers and minimize her tramping on it.

One of the weekends when the boys were here and we had my sil's little car to zip about, we took a trip to GogoBambini to check it out.
It's Eliza's dream come true....swimming in a ball pit.

checking out the toy house...

This is part of the big kids indoor playground area. She didn't quite like this part of the playground and wouldn't go there after the 1st round at it. (i realized later at other indoor playgrounds that she had grown much more daring and would try anything!)

Eliza had such a good time and worked out so much that she slept in the car on our way to Vivo for afternoon coffee & cakes at Bakerzin and all they way home.
Didn't quite like the indoor playground at Gogobambini cos it was really quite cramped, in particular the cafe and corridor areas. And Ww couldn't stay in the maze for long cos it was quite low for him and he had to keep crawling or bending down in the playground. So most of the time i was there and what a work out i had with Eliza cos she was zipping everywhere and sometimes i turn around and would 'lose' her for a few seconds.

One of the weekends where we went to West Cost Park. Great place to watch kites and for older kids to play at the playground. Eliza wasn't too keen on the sand at the playground so we ended up checking out the seaside.

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