Monday, November 23, 2009


Pear Juice
It's the age of "i want this and i want it now" (sometimes i think we don't outgrow awful). Last night, we were at my mum's place having dinner and her fav thing at my mum's place is the Pear Juice. I wouldn't allow it till the meal is over, else she'll be too full to eat anymore. Somehow, a few more spoons to the end of her meal, she remember it and started asking for it. We had to come up with stories on why she can't drink it yet...and she wanted it so much she broke down into a pitiful cry-plea. I really don't know how to describe it, she wasn't jumping up and down or throwing herself about...and somehow halfway through we all started to find her expression so hilarious we started laughing. Anyway i wasn't going to give in and told her that she's able to drink it after she finishes her meal. amazingly she did. She asked for it again and wow, you should have seen the super-delighted-this-is-the-best-thing-in-my-life-look on her face when i got up to get it and opened it right before her eyes.

Quick cry and stop
There are times when she wants something not the most desirable to play with (like the long plastic rolls, or rice, or water in the cup..) and i'll allow. But there are times when doing or taking or playing somethings are an outright no-no. Depending on her mood and how much sleep she has had, she'll, at the mildest, cry and then stop immediately. At the worst, she'll throw a tantrum...or more like throw herself around and bang her head on the floor. (i come to find that this happens when she is not sleeping enough or when it's close to bedtime)

I think she was crying cos she was using the pen to rip the paper and then draw on the table, so i took the pen away.

And she stopped quite immediately to see the camera.

It's quite fun to see her at play and the really interesting stuff her little mind comes up with.
I think she was walking Lion and getting him to go out to walk.

Nowadays she's talking more and she'll narrate her own play as well...somehow...i don't always understand what she's talking about.

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