Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Speaking & Singing

Eliza's been doing a lot of narrating & pointing out things that she sees. It quite fun listening to her talk to herself or sing to herself. Her Elmo song goes like this "lalalalalalla Elmo song....lalalalalaalal Elmo song" quite like the song anyway, just that it's not exactly the tune.

She's also practicing singing/saying her abcs. So i'll catch her saying the end part of it or the middle part of it or the front part of it. She misses some of the letters in between, though with some practice, she managed to add in the 'E,F,G' letters. She's also reciting her numbers, mostly in english though, as i don't always count in chinese when we walk up / down the stairs.

Even so, there are some pronouncation that gets lost and she probably hasn't reached the developmental level to say it correctly yet. Even the most commonly used word gets mished mashed up in the babbler that sometimes i don't understand that she's saying 'milk'!
So it's really important for me to label things, as in tell her what this is or what the action is etc, so that she can identify and tell it to me, if needed. She really catches on fast anyway. And with practice, she picks it up very quickly.

The funny part is her Chinese...she does get some of the 音 correct, i like "爱你" (which daddy has been practicing hard to get her to say). and some words like "晚安" sounds like wan1an3.

Of course her fav words are "Ai Mai?". and she has been talking to herself the past few days saying "Ai Mai? Ai"

I just wonder whether some of the intonations and style of saying things are caught on from me when i speak to her. Cos sometimes she sounds quite singsong in her talking...i'm not sure how to describe that...i guess u just gotta hear her to know.

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