Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Potty training prep

Here we go on another potty training trial again. I mainly left it there after our last attempt...cos she was refusing to sit and i didn't know what to do. I thought i'll try again after our phuket trip so as to save me the trouble of potty training during the trip.

Last week, we got a new potty so that i can put one in my bathroom and one at the kitchen bathroom. And we tried sitting on it when i went to the toilet. She did sit twice that day. And the next day twice as well. The problem with that was that she didn't allow me to close the toilet door! And i had do that if there were people in the house. By the third day, she already blatantly said no and ran away! any further attempts ends up in tears.

There's no way i can force here to sit. It'll be a super bad idea.

I've read many articles that the child has to be ready too for potty training but honestly, some signs are hard to tell. She can somewhat pull down her pants but her big diapers always add that extra barrier. She can't be dry for 2hrs! by 1hr she would have prob wet her diapers big time. Really, i've got no idea how ready we all are. I just guess we'll give it a go.

I'm trying to get my mil to help me in this, but i'm not sure if she has done it yet. Cos now that i'm back to work, i really don't have the time to do so. So i'm gonna get my mil to practice going to the toilet with Eliza and getting her to sit on the potty. So hopefully by friday, we can start potty training more formally. At least i'll have 4 devoted days to do it. So no outings for this coming week.

this is kinda scary for me cos it's new territory but i'm prepared for all the bribery and praise and rewards. let's hope Eliza is too.

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