Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our mini cycling excursion

One fine day on one of the library outings, we went across to Sunplaza park where Ww saw the PCN bicycle rental kiosk. He suggested we could do a cycling trip with him cycling with Eliza in the seat. It took us like weeks (maybe months) before we really got down to do it. Sometimes it was the weather, sometimes i didn't think i really want to do that. My hesitation is mainly on whether Eliza will cooperate and sit in the bike, with daddy. I didn't think i would be able to cycle another weight of Eliza + have that seat in front of me.

Anyway during the Good Friday weekend, we really did it! We got Eliza excited about sitting in a bicycle and so there we went.

The cycle to Pasir Ris was quite a breeze, especially as we followed the PCN route. On and off Eliza need to see me as there isn't always space to cycle side by side. We were really thankful that the bell at the front of the bicycle kept her quite busy in the initial part of the ride when she was still warming up to the actual experience.

Ww would point out the flowers / kites / canals etc to her and sing with her to keep her entertained. Great daddy-daughter bonding time :)

Most of the time i could only take photos at the traffic junctions when we stop so there! This is just after Downtown east, at the big field where a lot of people were flying kites. After this part, somewhere towards Loyang, there was at least 1-2km of gentle upslope that just we too much for me. After that i was just too bished out. It was still manageable as long as there isn't any upslope.

Eliza playing with the gears now. Anyway, Eliza kept herself busy singing 80% of the time. Ww also joined in with her till she turned around to put her palm at his mouth, signaling him to stop signing. Funny girl!

The initial plan was to cycle till East Coast Park but by the time we reached Changi Beach, i was quite spent by the 2 to 3 major slopes in the route. In all i think we cycled about 10km? They have the distance markers on the ground and i was getting happier and happier as the numbers decreased, meaning that we're getting closer to our destination. Anyway, I was so super duper relieved that there was a PCN bicycle rental at Changi beach to return the bicycles else we'll have to really cycle all the way to East Coast! :S phews!
Btw, the last place you would want to be on a weekend for some peace and solitude, not to mention parking Changi Village. Really the cars are ready to park on top of each other we were thankful we were on bikes and taking public transport.

Anyway it was just about dinner time and i was also glad that we didn't have to delay Eliza's dinner time. She chose noodles for dinner that day (no the photo doesn't show it cos by the time the noodles came we were eating the fried rice halfway..delicious!).

Oh and we ended the evening with ice-cream at Blic our current favourite after dinner/ dessert
place, especially for Eliza. Wonderful part of it is that it's just a 5mins walk away from home. So far we've been eating toddler safe ice-cream (ie no mint / no liquor / no sourness ice-cream). Maybe I'll pop by with Ww someday for the non-toddler safe ice-creams that i love too.

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