Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sunday & Monday

- church service at 830am.
I've gotten used to not bathing her on sunday mornings (except for washing her butt else she gets rashes from sitting in her wet diapers at night), cos we just don't have time, esp if i factor in us waking up late / i haven't packed bag / Ww is on duty. No zipping out of the house in record time like 15mins, cos there's always 101 things to do, and even when i leave the house i just wonder if i had forgotten something. I've got to also factor in Eliza's morning milk, changing and getting her ready, it's never a good idea to rush a toddler or stop one from her task in a swift manner, it's just a recipe for an unnecessary meltdown.

- For logistics and routine sake, we were always at the 1st service which is, on sunday terms, quite early. Since there's no sunday school for toddlers during the 830am service (i think there's only 2 or 3 toddlers in this service), i usually prefer that we stay through the worship part and move off to the 'cry room' during the sermon, lest she makes too much noise. But, if Amos is there, she doesn't want to go in, so i'm left to hang around outside with her. Now that she is more able to understand the meaning of being quiet, i'm able to stay in the service with her and listen to the sermon quite peacefully (that is on good days lah). I don't expect kids her age to understand much of what goes on in the service so it's finding ways to keep her occupied. Well...actually she usually has her morning snack during that time, and just this sunday, i realized i could bring crayons & paper! why didn't i think of that b4. *slap head* She was really quite busy colouring for almost 30mins! after which we had to go out for some stomping on the grass and plucking flowers/weeds.

- Mother's day lunch with mum & sis @ Paramount Tung Lok. yummmsss...and Eliza almost finished the peanut snack. gosh. she 'mmmm-ed' the delicious Ee-fu noodles, till she somewhat choked on it and didn't want it anymore. By the time we were finishing, she was quite tired out. Anyway, we had a good meal, walked about Parkway before making our way to Danny&Shuyi's housewarming to hear great news :)

...is our cycling day.
The plan was to cycle from Changi Beach to East Coast and finish off with play at Polliwogs. We started late cos we woke up late (8am...that's late on Eliza's terms..and usually if we can sleep in, she's always the first to wake up). I also had to wash clothes!! So by the time we set off it was 9am.

- Changi ride to ECP was a more leisurely one than the 1st cycling trip. The only discomfort is the sweltering hot sun...i could feel myself being tanned away! Eliza has it easiest of all and other than the very loud planes landing and taking off as we cycled past the airport runway, she nicely hid in daddy's shade, eating her cheerios away.
As usual, she was singing away, or putting her fingers in her ears, waving hi to me, ringing the bell, 'pushing' daddy's peddling thighs.
I wonder where we're going next!
(photos in the hp which i can't transfer out yet)

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