Sunday, September 9, 2007

Random post

I realized i never posted pics of my growing belly. :O i want to but the pic is in the other computer. dun wanna waste electricity turning it on anyway. different ppl have different opinions on how big my belly is...some say it's kinda big for my stage, some say it's ok...i really got no idea and it also depends on what i wear, some clothes make me look bigger. (in my antenatal class there's this lady who's like 5-6mths, i think, and looks like she's only 3 mths pregnant!)

I'm anticipating the more difficult, heavy-weight stage of pregnancy when my 'honeymoon' period will be over. still feels ok tho. anyway...
here's the lil discomforts...
1) it gets more difficult to sleep, i just need to fall to sleep...after that, it's easy...average 'falling to sleep time is 1/2hr. (i hear Ww breathing heavily asleep in less than 2mins! argghh)
2) shortness of breath. or i just feel my heartbeating faster
3) can't walk fast. i can walk really fast but now...i'm slowing down.
4) burping. it has come back a lil more than usual, i feel...the burping makes me feel a lil like vomitting...and freaks Ww out..even tho i tell him it's juz air.
5) eating. I can't eat as much as i could and smaller meals helps more coz baby's taking up more space so not a lot of space to fill with food.

having fun feeling Eliza move inside, either waving, poking, hiccupping, kicking, turning, nudging. she makes me giggle. :D

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