Sunday, September 16, 2007

How we've grown

It's quite fast baby Eliza and I grow. She's really getting good enough food from me yah. i need to up my calcium intake cos it's time baby takes in calcium to grow her bones..and i don't really like drinking milk cos the taste makes me feel like puking. (so it's soya bean, yoghurt, vanilla milk and calcium supplement)

Taken on 2 different occasions...
this is on 31 Aug

this is taken today...16 Sep.

2 weeks!!! i feel i've grown significantly le...maybe cos i ate a lot today..hmm...let's see
bfast: noodles + soya bean
lunch: the chaichee chicken porridge + some carrot cake + soya bean
dinner: (at my mum's place) rice with cod fish + veg + mushroom wrapped in beef slice, + juice, then honeydew, then mooncake + tea
seems like a lot. uh....

yesterday was the first time i was hungry at late night, craving for fried carrot 130am. i have already rolled in bed for 1hr plus, lullaby songs all played thru...and found myself hungry so i made a slice of wholemeal bread + butter + half slice of cheese; only to find it so delicious that i made another one and read till i felt sleepy enough to fall was prob 2am by then. oh the difficulties of sleeping at night!

but afternoon naps are a bliss...i absolutely love afternoon naps! managed to catch it on sat & sun (all 2 hours plus of it of sleep), thank God! too bad i can't have aftnn naps at work so i'm like so drowsy in the afternoon at work :( only to go home tired out.

Eliza has been quite active these days, feeling her rolling or nudging around more frequently which is really quite fun and makes me laugh sometimes. it's ticklish! and a happy feeling :D if you're lucky you'll get to feel her too cos i really can't predict when she moves though there's a sleep-wake pattern that she has but still.... sometimes i think she knows someone wants to feel her move and she deliberately doesn't move, mischievous gal! but unless you are carrying a baby, you won't feel it the way we mums feel our babies move in us. like what JF jie was saying, it's a privilege we women have that men don't. it does seem kinda scary having a life moving in our womb, (you know like all those younger days of watching horror shows...) but when it comes to our darling baby, handcrafted by God it's really a wonderful experience.

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