Friday, September 21, 2007

Beginning of 3rd trimester

I've been really blessed to enjoy my 2nd trimester bouncing around, eating and just feeling kinda normal.

ah...but i'm feeling the more tiring part...not the nausea...but tiredness. honestly feel fatigue in my muscles (or fats :S ), i'm not sleepy, just tired. it's difficult in the office after lunch when i'm struggling to keep awake, esp when i'm not really super busy. was telling my colleague that i wish there's a sofa bed somewhere i can just take even a 1/2 hr nap!
I'm trying to sleep fall asleep at 11pm? and hopefully 10pm soon. now going to sleep (aka be in bedroom trying to sleep) and falling asleep (hello dreamland!) is quite a big difference. it can take as short as 20mins to 1hr. sometimes i gauge by which was the last lullaby i heard. so this week i've been struggling with this sleeping and tiredness thing. it's a different tiredness from 1st trimester, when i'm tired i sleep and pop i sleep but now it's more of finding a comfy position to sleep and it's more difficult when i have late dinner (cos i have tuitions or classes in the evening), and have to keep sitting up to burp.

oh so we've now put the speakers in the bedroom, we've been playing this lullaby cd to sleep every night, wonder if baby Eliza will recognize it next time :) i'm not very gd at singing in bed coz i'll croak usually i'll talk to her a bit, tell her what we're doing for the day, or say 'gd morning' every morning and 'gd night' almost every night. daddy's been naughty and shaking her sometimes.

of cos her movements have been more defined nowadays, poking around and i'll see my belly move or nudge one side. i wonder what she's doing inside. haha. probably also because she's growing so much faster, it seems like there's lesser space inside.

i'm still sooooo slow with getting the cot (also to spread our expenses) and sloooow with packing & washing baby clothes. but i'll plan to do that once my saturday tuitions are over.

seeing baby Eliza tmr!! yayS! :D

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