Tuesday, September 25, 2007

30th week check up

It's a 10week countdown to baby's arrival!

We're still having our appointments at a 3-week interval which will reduce to a 2-week interval. So far so good, thank God that baby Eliza's growing well. Just that err.r..i've gained 2kg in 3 weeks! :S and Eliza's gained about only 400g. not as much as previously tho so she's still quite an average size baby. Ww says it's good la..so not so difficult during labour. i think i was quite an average size baby too..abt 6lb.

We somewhat gotta be on standby mid-nov in case baby decides to come out earlier so i really got get ready all the things! Haven't packed her drawers, wash her clothes, prepare her cot, pack the bag for the hospital stay, bought pajamas etc etc.

and a great thing is that my gynae gave me 2 days MC to rest at home. :) because of all the tiredness, which is baby's way of telling me to take a break! (considering that last week was quite hectic being out after work everyday!). I'm still sleepy tho but the odd thing is when i lie to try to sleep i'm quite awake! argh! i was thinking i'm starting to adapt to a short sleep but frequent sleep pattern to prepare for baby's arrival. so 10 more weeks to persevere!!

Meanwhile we've also decided on a Chinese name for Eliza...finally. 蔡智灵. simple and nice which means wise spirit. tho Ww once mentioned, what if baby turns out to be a boy instead? hahahaa...then we'll find a new name.

i wanted to scan the last ultrasound scan but it's in Ww's organizer, this time she has still hidden her face frm us, allowing us only to see her left and right ear. it's quite hard to make out the ultrasound scans at times and the easiest part to identify is always her spine....still it's great to see her. :) maybe i'll try talking her to turn her head the next gynae visit.

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