Saturday, September 29, 2007

Week 32

I'm getting used to be a lil more stubby, slower, i don't bounce onto the bed and have to crawl out of bed, i think i'm spotting a bit of a waddle (i'm ducking!!).
So this is how i've grown since 2 weeks ago. I wonder when will this t-shirt be too small for me to fit in.

Eliza's nudging these few days are getting more prominent, and it's fun feeling her nudges. Funny how she's more active on my way to work and back from work in the mrt. I wonder if ppl do see my belly moving...esp when Eliza seems to (i think) kick hard or hiccup hard. Sometimes her movement makes it hard for me to fall asleep too, sometimes i'll wake up in the morning when Ww wakes and feel her nudging. I wonder if it's her elbow, or her fist or her foot or whatever.

We've completed our antenatal course at TMC where i learnt how to do some antenatal exercise (and barely practiced it outside classes...i'm so lazy!). Learnt about labour, nutrition, bathing baby & breastfeeding. it's always a rush from work cos it starts at 7pm (and my work ends at 630pm). but i thot it was ok least Ww knows somethings too. There was a hospital tour but the teacher was saying that the hospital is busier after July and we only got to see the VIP and super single room (like a hotel room!). not what we can afford anyway it's too extravagant...anyway both of us like naughty students slipped away home after seeing the VIP room and guessing we won't get to see the normal rooms since it's like so full.

So we've started to see the real bill of the whole costs (delivery & hospital charges) which Ww's colleague let us see their bills so we can have a better idea of how much we'll spend. so the average breakdown is about this...
Antenatal consultation (+ tests) = $1.3k
Hospital charges for delivery = $3.5k+ (normal delivery w/ epidural, 1 bedded 3 days + husband stay-in & food)
Doctor charges = $1.7k
Follow up for mum & baby = $200+

wohh...that's quite a bit tho they were able to claim abt $2.1k from cpf.

yawns...thank God for a peaceful one's home, Ww went for a wedding dinner, the nephews have gone to chalet to play so i have a bit of time to myself...and i feel tired le.

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