Monday, October 15, 2007

Start of week 35

It's a start to a countdown to baby Eliza's arrival and i'm trying to take a seat back to rest as much as possible, do as little as possible, sleep as much as possible. She may come as early as mid-Nov and i'm planning to take leave frm work about 19nov.

meanwhile this was the ultrasound scan taken 3 weeks ago when we could only see her ear cos her face was facing down

and today's appointment, she's measured at about 2.2kg. (this time i gained abt 1.3kg which makes 63.3kg for me...that's abt 12.3kg weight gain so far thru this pregnancy)

we saw her turning her head, moving her arms, i think a lil pouting of her cute lil mouth. so far so good :)

but since sunday evening i have been so tired and sleepy. so actually there are not-that-tired days and some tired days like this. plus work is gonna get a lil busy till the beginning of november. so everyday i'm depending on God's grace and strength to last through the day and even falling asleep at night. today got to take a MC and slept to my heart's content till 10am. dropped by Tamp to buy nursing bra at Mothercare (which set me back by $81 for 2). wanted to drop by Kiddy Palace to check out some clothes etc but it was closed for renovation from today! after my gynae appt, we went to buy the cot mattress & barang barang at Eunos; also bought a baby sling. all in all spent about $200. if we don't buy today i dunno when i'll have the energy to go shop again! i prefer hanging out at home recently. heh. thank God we have many church bro&sis who have passed us gifts, books, clothes etc and baby cot too so that we don't have to spend so much.

now it's a growing time for baby Eliza who has gained quite some chubbyness, according to my gynae, which is good. she still nudges quite a bit, hiccups and pokes. if you're lucky, you'll get to feel her moving.

i thank God that besides this tiredness, i don't really have the backaches or swelling of feet (yet!), and still seemingly bounce arnd (which according to someone who is worried i'll fall or something). but i really have slowed down already ;P and i thank God that baby Eliza is healthy so far. :)

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