Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week 35

I received my pre-admission form from TMC today.

so fast....the day is nearing!!

I have at least 3 1/2 weeks more to go to seeing Eliza. And i'm feeling she has less space to move about inside, so sometimes i'll just watch my belly nudged by Eliza's possible stretching of her legs inside...she just did it!

i can still fit in this t-shirt ok. but at home, all the other t-shirts i wear are Ww's cos i barely have large size ones, and it feels more comfy wearing something not so tight.

feeling a lil less tired sometimes, also because i've cut down my activities, try to sleep more and earlier.

trying to get ready my 'hospital bag' to bring...had to buy pajamas for the stay in the hospital, thot they would provide. and i don't wear pajamas to sleep! just normal tshirt and pants. so no choice, had to go in search for one. plus TM is under such massive renovation that Isetan & Metro is gone...so i went Robinson in search for one. oh...and were they expensive.....$80 for a set! :S oh but i settled for a too cute pink one for $30. ok enough of shopping!

other than that not much to update, will post up baby cot pics someday, MIL just washed the beddings and i think the colour isn't as bright pink as i thought it is. so it's nice.

Been reading on the forums of the birth stories of those mums who delivered in sep & oct. ooo...wonder how mine will be like. I'm considering not to go for Epidural until....hmm..until i can't take it anymore ba, honestly i've got no idea what it will really be like but God will bring us thru!
Also, praying for baby to come after my mum & sis return from Atlanta and before Ww's busy week (so no later than her EDD).

Gynae appt on saturday!

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bings said...

looking forward to baby eliza!!!..:))