Friday, November 2, 2007

Into Week 37

Baby Eliza photos taken last week, i'm been so busy resting i didn't have time to update...or i'm juz plain lazy to plug in the printer plug so the printer can be turned on to scan these pics (cos i have to crawl under the table to do that and it's mafan to do that).

Oh but she was estimated at 2.5kg then and i've gained 1kg since the last appointment. that makes 64.3kg in all. We saw Eliza's face too tho my gynae was saying that she's turning so she's starting to face backwards.

check out her fingers!!!!! so cute!!!!

i'm significantly slower and i really can't walk fast else my ankles feel tired and sore. and when i come home i just bum around, almost. Ww does more things for me, which is really sweet, like....
- washing the dishes (cos my back will ache frm bending too long at the sink)
- bringing the fan in frm the study room when we go to zzz
- bring & buy food for me...or just taking a drink from the kitchen for me
and the many little things he doesn't usually do. and err....calling me "potato" too.

now the countdown really seems to start...i've got another 2 weeks till i take my maternity leave on 19th nov (our wedding anniversary!). and there's possibility that baby might come out a week earlier...still we're hoping somewhere during the 19th nov week. (at least my mum & sis will be back from Atlanta by then).

i've still got things to do....
i haven't packed my 'hospital' bag. maybe tomorrow.
i'm not sure if i remember how to bathe baby, establish feeding & sleeping etc etc.
i haven't bought enough milk bottles (i think)
haven't bought new born sized diapers
haven't learnt how to use the baby sling (ok that can wait till baby comes)
haven't figure out what pram to buy (completely clueless and we prob won't get one till baby comes)
that's all i remember for now....i think i might forget some things still...

meanwhile baby movements are quite significant, and fast too, interestingly. today at work i felt her leg (i think) moving from near the centre of my belly to the side, fast(!), and it was so ticklish i had to laugh. :P

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