Monday, November 5, 2007

Stretching in progress

I'm feeling stretched's growing so i feel more of her movements. but i feel really stretched...oh my stretch marks. :(
i can't see it for now cos it's on the underside of my belly..i only see the top part of my belly. hoho.

We bought pampers for baby...yay! 28 for $7.80 (abt $0.28 per piece..half the price of a Pampers one) and which prob will only last us 3-4 days i think. then will send Ww to go buy more when Eliza uses it up. oh the packaging is so nice! and the baby is so cute!

been reading up in the Nov2007 mums to be and found many of them to have 'popped' like even as early two weeks before! waiting time starts next week!

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