Thursday, November 8, 2007

I've grown

I've grown this much! can't tell from this tshirt right?

but this tshrit is really getting so tight i don't want to wear it anymore. now i'm just searching Ww's drawer for his tshirt instead. and i didn't know he was so large-sized.

i feel like a blob and i feel lazy to walk too. so i feel blobby. honestly, my legs are getting more tired or more like my ankles. i'm enjoying walking slowly anyway. still i overtake ppl when i walk...i didn't know ppl walk THAT slowly.

ppl are asking me if i've prepared my stuff which i think i have but i'm not sure if i have. our mums are buying all the foodies to brew to drink, and stuff to bathe. phews. it's really entering a new territory..and new phase of life, of parenthood, exciting but not knowing what to expect.

Gynae appointment on sure what to expect. baby's almost full term soon and after this weeks it's the waiting

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