Thursday, November 15, 2007

The waiting week

It's my last week of work before i take my leave which officially starts on 19 nov.

My gynae appts are kinda uneventful, other than seeing how baby has grown which was estimated 2.7kg (and i still gained 1kg!). wanted to scan the pics but something's wrong with my refuses to scan! we saw her on the ultrasound and wonder when we'll really see her face. it's getting exciting!

Thank God for a smooth pregnancy so far, and that baby Eliza's fine so far. Ppl have been telling me that i seem to have quite an ok pregnancy where i don't have severe morning sickness, backaches, swollen feet or get sick and other problems I do have occasionally backaches actually when i bend too much instead of kneeling down to pick up stuff or when i wash the dishes but it's cos of me. honestly, it's quite tiring to kneel down the right way to pick up stuff...imagine standing up with extra 10kg+ of weight!! But i really thank God for all these 9 a certain extent, i have enjoyed the pregnancy...watching baby Eliza grow, anticipating things i never done before, prepared before or whatever.

Now i'm just putting things i'm supposed to put in my 'hospital bag' which i've missed out. and yup...wait, anticipate.

so while i wait..........i've gotta write down a list of things to do till baby Eliza 'pops'.

and think of what we need for those who would like to buy a gift for Eliza ;) so far these are the things i can think of....
1) Pram...which Ww thinks we can survive a long time without it (he says he'll carry baby if need be..dun need pram) if anyone wants to sponsor us one, i'll be gratefully grateful.
2) Baby toys
- in particular a baby crib mobile like this

and any other toys for baby and when she grows older
3) Play pen (this is something i'm not sure whether we'll really need but can do with)
4) digital thermometer (taken up by ZH&Marg)
5) i love the bedding sets at mothercare but it's so ex and the places we go doesn't have pretty & sweet bedding sets.
then i don't know really what else...cos we also already have the 'yo-yo', the cradle...tho i'm considering having a changing unit like the one at Ikea...but it depends (& ppl are saying the Ikea one is too light & flimsy), i'm not sure if i need it or not or can do without.

so meanwhile let's wait...Ww's trying to cajole baby to come out soon though.


زœιιз♥ said...

haahs.(: So she's Eliza Chua ... what's her chinese name again ? I forgot, sorry ! (:


Grace said...

Zhiling :)