Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 days to due date

It's 5 days to due date. Seems like a long time but we're wondering why there's no signs Eliza is coming out yet. Seems like she's still quite comfortable inside. Mum & mei is back & Ww's getting a lil impatient and hoping to see her soon. Still i like doing nothing much. just that i probably caught a cold yesterday and have been flu-ey. not really fine when the fly-ey stuff dries in your throat and gives you a sore throat in the morning. oh i wish i can sleep longer. (i'll go for a nap later...before lunch).

Went for our gynae appt yesterday and so far Eliza's still fine, he said sometimes it's ok even if she comes out 1 week past the EDD as long as everything's fine. (oh no..i dun wanna waste my leave!ha..). Anyway was put on the CTG machine to track Eliza's heartbeat and mainly whether i have any contractions. so from a scale of 0-100 (100 being the labour contractions) mine was wavering from 0 to max 20+. there are contractions but i really don't feel them at all.

now i'm wondering what to do today...and hoping that this running nose, flu-ey, sore throaty thing goes away quickly.

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