Thursday, November 22, 2007

Still waiting

It's kinda boring, though nice doing nothing much waiting to see Eliza (instead of the ultrasound scan).
I find it hard searching for things to do...too lazy to go out since there isn't much i want to buy already. so i've been doing stuff like....
- play bejeweled
- sort out my photos
- watch some tv
- nap
- chat online
- play Bomberman with Ww
- read a little bit
- cook a little bit

so this is day 4 of waiting...and i start to suspect that even by sunday she's not gonna be wanting to come out yet! completely no signs!! no contractions either. :7 so i really gotta plan stuff for the next few days.

friends are asking me if i'm in labour all ways...calling me, or asking me on msn (like if i don't appear on msn, they're gonna wonder if i'm already in labour).

praying for God to prepare me...ooooo

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زœιιз♥ said...

Helloh.. (: Can you tell me your MSN account ? PLEASEEEEEEEEE ? Its Joelleeeeeeeee (: