Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New things for baby

Eliza's still happily snug and happy in my womb and doesn't seem to want to come out yet.

This was last week's ultrasound scan...my gynae always takes photo of her face for us to keep. usually he'll check baby's weight by measuring her abdomen & i think head shape. then check her heartbeat and water bag level.

my gynae says she looks like me..hehe...

So we went for appointment again on 26th and i didn't gain weight anymore...lost 0.2kg actually. mayb due to my decrease in appetite...couldn't eat as much as i used to.

She was facing to the right so we still got to see her face...tho looking really comfortable there. and Ww was still asking our gynae if can confirm she's a girl. great... but she's kinda quite crammed in me we couldn't see really clearly.

and i guess she'll stay in till the end of the week. but on 30th nov she'll surely need to come out..so if she doesn't come out within this week, 30th nov is the day when i'll be induced (aka bringing on of childbirth by artificial means). Ww says it's a good day, cos that's when all his courses are more or less over, and saturday he'll be free. ok...i think so too..tho i'm still wondering what to do for the next 2-3 days.

We did the CTG scan again and there were some contractions ranging from 0-90 even! ok...so i tell Ww that now i know what contractions are supposed to feel like. otherwise i think i just feel a little tightening and the poo-ing feeling, which i didn't classify that as contractions. now i'm more aware, just that i find the contractions being quite irregular and it doesn't happen all the time anyway..so far it's quite occasional. i reckon the more intense one will hurt so by then i should know if the contractions come b4 30th.

ahh..and when we went ikea on sunday, we got new curtains (cos our other red curtains haven't been changed since like CNY)

got it up with the help of my FIL, and i trimmed the bottom of the curtain. our rooms looks so happy now...we love our room's new look...and all we did was change the curtains! ah...ready for Eliza. :)

Eliza's also got a new toy :D frm Ww's colleague...so happily sunshine. makes me happy just looking at it. it's a crib/pram mobile.

Do pray with us:
- We're praying for the coming labour, just as waiting for Eliza's arrival is so unpredictable (other than having to go for induction on 30th). Praying that it will be smooth cos we also really dunno what to expect, praying that Eliza will come out safely.
- We're also praying that we'll learn to cope with taking care of baby, esp coping with differing views from our parents. (we want baby to be to be on TBF [total breastfeeding]...but it seems like family members are expecting us to buy FM [formula milk] and saying that BF won't be enough for baby)
- Also, to pray that we'll be wise and good parents...that we'll be led by God and His Word as we teach, guide & love Eliza.

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