Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm so free now

Gosh i'm so free now i'm updating this blog so often. 2 more days to Eliza's arrival, though i'm trying to coax her into coming out tmr, so i don't have to go thru induction. Someone was asking me wat's induction. not that it's a bad thing but there's higher risks of c-section & fetal distress. then again, it is what a lot of ppl do too...and i've read & watched many birth stories that have no issues. anyway to induce labour is to use certain medications to help bring on contractions (ie prostaglandins to soften the cervix or Pitocin thru an IV to start labour). cos after 1 or 2 weeks past the due date the placenta may become less effective at delivering nutrients around 42 weeks and other complications.

so i've gotta monitor baby's movements closely, which worries me when she's not so active...and i'll try to feel for her heartbeat. thank God occasionally i feel her moving all around and especially at night when we're watching movies, she's will be like dancing inside! gosh she's getting so comfortable.

i'm not sure how relevant this is but i've asked my MIL & my mum how were their labour like. and it turns out that we're all post-term babies! tho my mum said i was late 3 weeks (i was asking her if she was really really sure or not...mayb she remembered wrongly). i wonder if this has any influence on our future babies being post-term.

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