Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sunny day

Today is one of the super sunny days out of the many past few days of rain. my mil was quite happy about it cos the clothes could sun well.

Last night wasn't too good and i was expecting it as Eliza was super sleepy the whole afternoon till late evening much so that we always have to wake her up every 3hrs+ for her milk. her sleepiness i guess was because she was up ALL morning after bath and i think that tired her out. as such she was quite awake in the wee hours in the morning. *shake head* so after her early morning feed (that's abt 2am) she was wide awake till 345am++. i was drifting in and out of lala-land cos i really can't sleep until she does. not that she's crying but she was making all kinds of sounds which sounds like she's talking to herself...and occasionally an i-want-attention cry that i have to attend to. daddy initially gave her the pacifier but i took it out...left her alone..then she started making noise...and i eventually gave her the pacifier and fell asleep. when i woke at 5am to check, her pacifier was out of her mouth and she was sound asleep..dunno when she slept tho. she woke again at 6am to drink milk and ta-da...another non-sleeping i left her with the pacifier again and popped to the time i woke up she was bathed and nice. i truely zonked out.

i wonder if it's the chicken essence with the liquor that i drank in the me kinda woozy and headachey..and thus so sleepy this morning. no more of those next was only 1 tbsp of some XO or watever...and the recipe called for 3 tbsp! i'll surely be knocked out if that's the case.

16 more days to end of confinement...wonder if i can get out to attend weddings still...tho i would still want to go for Christmas service & bring Eliza along.

off to take my afternoon nap...

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