Thursday, December 13, 2007

mummy can't stop taking photos

Eliza's day...
Mummy roused me to wake up to drink milk coz it's time but i'm so i just took some time to stretch while shutter-happy mummy takes my photo...which is my classic Saturday night fever pose.

i'm just waking my frowny face in the midst of my stretching. don't worry it's just a moment's expression..i'm just exercising my facial muscles and lucky mummy caught it in her camera. i'm a good girl..i didn't cry.

mummy, daddy, ah-ma & ah-gong love to see me laughing (tho i don't make the laughing sound)...and they get excited all the time!

mummy plays with me in the morning with this linglinglonglong toy my daddy's colleague gave me.

but i'm more interested in the bright lights at the window and the nice red white curtains...

My Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) experience:
ppl have been telling me why not choose KK hospital cos it'll be cheaper, they got better facilities etc etc. i say cos my gynae's clinic is at TMC, convenient lor. anyway i was telling Ww that it's my first time staying in a hospital. it wasn't so bad even though Ww couldn't stay over to pei me the 2 nights i was there. he would if we have chosen the single-bedder. but money lah..anyway it's only 2 nights. so we chose the 4-bedder, and requested for an upgrade to a 2-bedder. no roommate on the 1st it felt like a single bedder. and when my cell came to visit the next day morning, they could freely make noise and move about. (Eliza was too sleepy to wake from her slumber while they were there).

food there was great...6 meals a day! hoho...bfast, morning tea (fish & papaya soup), lunch (chinese confinement food), afternoon tea (some cupcake & milo), dinner, supper. no such thing as bland hospital food. good & bu3 soups too.
the nurses were all very nice & helpful and there was even a class on how to bathe & change diaper for baby but i keep missing it cos day 1 i was confined to the bed, day 2 i was discharged le.

and then comes the bill!
after all the medisave deductions we paid about $1300+.
Baby's cost was ~ $1000 (but we paid abt $90 cos of medisave)
this includes: pediatrician fees, baby package (i tink it's the baby cot, diapers, etc) , medical supplies, hearing test, Heb B immunization..
Mummy's hospital bill was ~ $3000
this includes: hospital package ($1000), medicine, medical supplies, procedure, doctor's fees ($1800). oh and i discovered...that an epidural is also a $600 decision...$300 for the professional fees & $300 for the epidural pkg. gosh...
Thank God for medisave & the FBI (first born incentive) card...saves us loads!

waiting for Eliza to wake for her next feed...after dinner she happily played with ah-ma & daddy...drank her milk again, and we left her to quietly fall asleep to the lullaby songs.
Ww bought this new lullaby cd for Eliza to listen and me to sing to her. (we thought it's good for a change since we have been listening to the other lullaby cd almost EVERY night while Eliza was in my womb)

by 10pm she has guai guai slipped off to slumberland.

maybe i'll take a snooze first...

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merry-go-round said...

heya! so touching just reading your past few entries.. and eliza's so cute! have a blessed confinement time :) -angie