Saturday, December 15, 2007

wasted milk

it's a nice saturday afternoon...Eliza kinda woke up for a lil milk-time (after guzzling lots of milk in the morning and refusing to sleep) and drank lesser than i thought she would drink. poured 100ml (thinking she'll need to drink so much again) and she ended up drinking 50ml instead. wasted the other 50ml :( and i can't leave the milk out for more than an hour once she has drunk it.

i'm still trying to figure out how much she really drinks. it's kinda different when you bottle-feed and breastfeed. in the latter, you don't know exactly how much she drinks (in milliliters) but when she's done and full, she is full. when i bottle feed her, sometimes she has enough, sometimes she wants more and i usually give 80-90ml. so i really dunno how much she needs. at times when she's had enough milk, she'll close her lips and refuse to let u stick the bottle teat in. (oh but that's so cute she would refuse to open her mouth) gosh....sometimes it's frustrationg cos i'll give her the usual amount and in half hour or an hour after waketime she'd want more...and more. :S

so this is my daytime challenge, to keep her awake after milktime, and then to get her to nap after waketime. problem is that her waketime can be so long that she doesn't want to sleep till 3-4 hours later. and she'll be so tired she sleeps lots and lots after that...i just try to make sure she doesn't oversleep in the day and end up being wide awake at night.

it's all a learning process. and as parents we learn everyday how to guide her and at the same time trying to understand her. no child will be the same, there's no guidebook on knowing this lil gal, but discovering her is the fun of it all...watching her nuances, figuring out her style, her sleeping patterns, her sweet and funny expressions, praying everyday that God will use this life He has brought through us to glorify Him.

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