Saturday, December 15, 2007

tummy time

Eliza's day...

mummy's been trying to let me have some tummy time because the doc and ppl are saying that i'll feel more comfortable like that...

usually we'll have tummy time in the living room and everyone likes to watch me make all kinds of expressions

but so far i've not been wanting to keep my head sideways and so have been fidgeting to keep my head in push up position, just that i can't lift my head up a lot, though once i even turned over on my back..ahh...

oh this is my "bracket face" which has mummy and daddy rolling with laughter. they managed to catch it on paishe. i hope they throw away that embarrassing tzutzu

Itty Bitty Baby Girl
Itty Bitty Baby Girl
Daddy's pride mama's pearl
Tiny treasure so petite

But great is the joy that you bring

To your daddy and me

Our love for you

Will only grow stronger each day

For yes it's true
You've stolen our hearts away

And my little girl
You're just the right size today

To hold in my arms

To look in your eyes and say

this is one of the songs from the new cd which i was trying to learn the lyrics cos when i play the cd and try to sing to her i realize i dunno what's the words and can only hum the tune. and it's so awwwww.....that when i was excitedly reading out the lyrics to Ww i couldn't help but cry (not bawl but eyes filled with tears kind)

talk about crying it's really the hormones or just having a baby makes you more emotional or what. it's the occasional frustration and the i-so-love-her-so-so-so-much kinda of emotions that makes me cry. i don't think i have the baby blues that much cos i hav my mil to help and Ww's around tho he's still quite busy. (it's really super important to have ppl around to help, from cooking to occasionally taking care of baby, to washing up stuff etc).

it's peaceful for now (saturday night)....she has finally fallen asleep after her long wake time (3 hours again!)..which means she feeds early on and right before she goes to sleep in this 3 hours. despite the occasional frustrations, we look at her photos again and again, we pop over her baby cot and watch her again and again, and fall in love with her over and over again.

my mil says she's different from other babies, i really dunno cos it's the first time i have a baby or have taken care of a baby. Ww thinks she's different too...he says it's also coz she doesn't have jaundice (ok she has but it's so slight we didn't need to worry so much). and he was saying that she's supposed to have a higher chance of having jaundice (cos i'm Heb B carrier and her chances of getting it is when she was born she was given this hebB immunization which cost us $300+). Ww thinks it's that immunization that helped on sending her back to the hospital for photo therapy. i think it's by God's grace that she's like who she is...sometimes quite entertaining too.

i wonder what will she be like when she grows up....

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