Monday, December 17, 2007

Our daily routine

These 18 days have been all about feeding baby, changing diapers, bathing baby, cooing to baby, sending baby to sleep etc. everyday the routine starts all over again..yawnz.

so this is the usual schedule of Eliza & me:
8am - Eliza wakes, drinks milk, bathe.
She continues to wake... :S
9 - 11 am - Eliza sleeps or takes another feeding
12nn - I have lunch
1230-1pm - Eliza drinks milk, change diapers, i try to keep her awake. I express milk. I take a nap
3-4pm - Eliza wakes, drinks milk, change diapers, I still try to keep her awake a while.
5-6pm - I wipe down with warm boiled water or bathe with dafengcao.
630pm - I eat dinner
7pm - Eliza wakes drinks milk, change diapers. plays with everyone (and usually refuses to sleep till 1-2hrs later). drinks milk again.
8-9pm - Eliza finally sleeps.
12-1am - Eliza wakes, drink milk, change diapers. I send her straight to sleep. I fall asleep too.
3+am - Eliza makes some noise, i wake, feed her, change diapers, send her straight to sleep. I go back to sleep
5-6am - Eliza makes some noise, i wake, feed her, change diapers, send her straight to sleep. I go back to sleep

and the cycle happens all over again...just that the timings deviate here and there, and as much as we hope for the 3hr intervals, sometimes she wakes in 1 1/2hrs or 2hrs to drink more milk. sometimes she stays awake for a long time and refuses to be put to sleep or wants even more milk! gosh. i'm already feeling she's getting heavier :O

Eliza's day...
Mummy has started to let me sleep on my tummy in the daytime, and i find it very nice to sleep like that...mmm...

sometimes i have dreams of lots of milk to drink..and that makes me happy..

sometimes i purse my lips and stare intently...daddy says i look kinda intelligent like that

this is my sleeping place...and daddy & mummy loves to watch me sleep from where they are. beside my bed is my diaper changing place..where i love to look out of the window...when is mummy gonna get me a dangling toy to gaze at??

Mummy came to check on me one afternoon during my nap and caught me trying to be Zorro...(actually i kicked so much in my sleep that my swaddle cloth went all the way up..oops!)

it's another 10 more days to end of confinement! and i really won't get to celebrate much of christmas out of home this time. maybe tell Eliza wat's christmas about and tell her stories. i'm looking forward to end of confinement but also worried on how to manage baby when i'm out of home, and bringing her out as well. actually it's good to have this 1 month to get used to things, to trial and error stuff also, before we're ready to 'face the world'. so this week i'm gonna cut down all bottle feeding and direct latch her so as to stabilize her feeding timings, and make sure she has a full meal all the time cos her timings are still kinda erratic, sometimes wanting milk every hour, or 1 1/2 hr which tires me out.

thank God for a very supportive hubby tho he's so busy, also for my mil who has been cooking such delicious meals everyday. it's not something one can do alone.

God bless this little child of ours.

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