Friday, January 11, 2008

Eliza's 2nd visit to the doc

On wed, we brought Eliza for her vaccination at a baby&child clinic at st.81. we wanted to go on friday, but there were things i was worried about so we went on wed instead. we wanted to go for the 6-in-1 but cos i'm a hep B carrier the doc advised to have a separate vac for heb B & do the 5-in-1 instead. it's prob a bit more jabs cos the hep B one is given separately but there's lesser side effects. i think for the 6-in-1 baby may get fever and usually that's not good in the sense that baby's gonna be cranky.

What Are “5-in-1” and “6-in-1” Vaccines?
These newer childhood vaccine formulations combine vaccines against 5 or 6 diseases into a single injection. These combination vaccines have proved to be safe and effective. However, do take note that the cost of 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 vaccines are not subsidised by the government. Consult your family doctor for more information on 5-in-1 and 6-in-1
Note: The 5-in-1 injection combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio and Haemophilus Influenza type B (Hib) in 1 injection. The 6-in-1 injection combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio, Haemophilus Influenza type B (Hib) and Hepatitis B in 1 injection.

So...Eliza had her growth charted..
she's 5.2kg (!! big baby woh...she's the size of a average 8wk old baby..and she's almost 6wks old) no wonder she's so heavy! oh my chubby chubs. the PD said it's ok esp since she's TBF-ed.
she's 58cm long (or tall) from the 50cm when she was just born

and...i asked about
- her green poop:
PD said it's usually due to what i eat, could be high fibre foods, so it makes the poop green.
- her rashes on her face:
i can't remem what the PD said anyway...but she gave some cream to put and Eliza's face is now much better (aft 2 days). yays to baby skin!
- her jaundice-y look:
PD said that she's seen babies who look jaundiced as long as 2 months (TBF babies) but if by 2nd month, she still does look so it's good to bring her back to the clinic for urine & blood test. this i'm kinda worried if it's got to do with the heb B thingy, which tho she's been immunized since birth (it was a different vaccination that cost us $300+), i wonder if it's some side effects. so we'll have to watch her for another 2 weeks, else we'll have to bring her back for tests :(

What is Jaundice?
[About 60 per cent of newborns develop jaundice because their immature liver is too young to handle high levels of bilirubin. The excess amount is therefore deposited under the skin and eyes, leading to jaundice. Bilirubin which is the yellow bile pigment in the blood is normally removed by the liver. Before birth, the mother's liver does this for the baby.

In newborns, their immature liver takes a few days to develop before it can eliminate the bilirubin efficiently. In the meantime, they develop jaundice in the first three to five days after birth. And it normally clears within seven to 10 days without treatment.

And yes her 1st jab we got to experience with her. we told her that even though she doesn't really know what's going's for her good. (she was still like happy mood from the change in environment...looking around curiously). imagine minding your own business and suddenly getting jabbed.

oh her cry when she felt the jab! but it was short...the moment i carried her in her fav position, she gave a few whimpers and quietened down...soothed consoling. after that she's back to her curious-y self again. brave gal!

Eliza's days

I have a habit of kicking my left leg which sends me to the corner of my bed...mummy wonders why i like to 'walk' in my sleep..but it's as far as i could go

mummy dressed me up in my new clothes when i go out (it's to church for now), she says i gotta wear them all before it gets too small for me. and she propped me up on her bed to take a photo of me sitting...i love sitting up!

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