Tuesday, January 8, 2008

day's update

My MIL's gone out to shop for CNY clothes today so i'm home with Eliza, just me and her. (tmr i'm going out to shop for stuff..we kinda take turns)

i suspect Eliza's in a growth spurt this week (again!) cos she is hungry every two hours instead of her normal 2 1/2hrs or 3hrs. so she woke to feed at 12mn, 2.30am, 5am, 630am, 745am. i was quite ok in the beginning till the morning when i was so sleepy (and Eliza as well) that we slept right through her bathtime...only waking up at 9+am.
this is her in e morning...i like to bring her to my bed to sleep with me in the mornings...cos i don't want to get up and dwn..she looks really contented here...

The Saturday weekend
I've come to accept that unless my mil is home while we're having cell (cgl cell, Ww's cell or my cell), Eliza's become my priority cos if she's not asleep i'll have to carry her around and play with her till she does. it's ok right after her milk when she's happy to play quietly (which we had the time to join in for cell worship time), but after that when she's tired but can't sleep on her own, i'll have to rock her to sleep. i still haven't mastered the art of getting her to sleep even though i know what to do...whell sad to miss out the time with cell i felt i had to just join them (or some of them) downstairs for dinner with Eliza. it was a good thing that she just had her milk and was in a happy mood. so we put her on her stroller, wrapped her up in her long pants and hat and went for dinner at the coffee shop downstairs..it was a rainy day that's why she seems like in winter clothes.

whell...she was nice to me...and slept all the way through our dinner

The Sunday weekend
It's Eliza's 2nd time to church, this time we're a lil more prepared. still tried using the stroller but not very successful (cos it's tiring to carry her all the time). she'll wake up after abt 10mins in the stroller.
so daddy has to carry her..and she fell straight to lala-land.

this is when she was still in deep sleep...snug in the stroller

ahah...caught this sweet pic of her...tho i thought she didn't look quite like her. wonder what was she smiling at.

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