Monday, January 7, 2008

after 5 weeks

she's only 5 weeks old and i feel she needs us so much, from her most basic need - milk, to interacting with her. just played with her after her milk and felt that she really enjoyed our playtime together. i just felt like her smile as become more than a muscle exercise but a genuine smile showing that she really enjoys what she's doing. it's a precious time cos within 1/2hr or less she'll be restless and want to be carried or want to sleep but can't sleep.

Of sleep and naps
daytime naps are a lil difficult to get her to do. it's difficult in a way cos i know she's sleepy but after her play she just doesn't want to be put down on her bed to sleep even though she's yawning away. (oh i love her has this 'ah' sound she makes that's so cute!) anyway so we have to carry her in her fav position, pat her and sing to her. so far day time sleep methods that work for her are
- carry her in her fav position, pat her and sing to her. when she's calmed down i can sit at the sofa, watch tv and con't doing the same stuff till she falls into deep sleep.

this is the position i carry her (was using my camera function on my hp to see whether she's asleep or not)

this is when she fell asleep

- give her the pacifier, pat her to sleep
- drink milk until she's so sleepy she falls asleep. (this is the easiest but we don't do it deliberately most of the time, instead i'm always trying to wake her up)

at night she's better...i think and hope she really knows that it's night time so after drinking her milk, changing her diapers (if needed) and trying to burp her, i'll swaddle her and leave her to sleep. occasionally she'll still make noise and i'll carry her and pat her till she falls asleep.

so really, sleeping is quite an least getting baby to sleep is. it's mummy's rest time actually.

so while this schedule keeps up, i wonder when will i get a proper good night rest...even though i can last quite well with spurts of sleep, it would be nice to have a nice long 8 hour sleep.

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