Sunday, January 6, 2008

time is precious

As much as i love to spend time with Eliza, i need to spend time on myself...even if it's just the basic stuff like eating, yes eating; going to the toilet, bathing, surfing the internet, reading some stuff and even nap. And if there's no one to help me out to carry baby, or sometimes feed her..really, i can only steal time when she now! and her naps range from as short as 1/2hr to 2hrs. sometimes i can't really predict cos she'll wake up earlier than usual.

(she woke up...fed her, coaxed her to it's 2 hours frm the time i wrote the previous entry)

So advice to all to-be-mums, help around the house is so essential. like my friend SH told me accept any help, ANY. sometimes i would feel like i want to do everything, from bathing her to feeding her to coaxing her to sleep. but sometimes it's just too tiring, and even help from Ww to change her diapers is a relief. sometimes my FIL will entertain her while i go take my bfast, or my MIL will feed her and coax her to sleep, even Ww takes his turn at coaxing her to sleep. I'm really fortunate to not need to do too much housework cos i stay with my in-laws and my MIL does the washing every morning, (i help by keeping and folding all the clothes), she also cooks great meals so it's something i don't have to worry about. this is really important cos as much as nutrition is so important during the first few weeks after delivery, most of the times i just feel i don't have the energy to bother about it...much less cook! sometimes i feel hungry but circumstances are such that it's hard to eat and carry baby to sleep (i still haven't mastered the art of using the sling).
I really admire those mums who do their own confinement, it's not easy, especially if it's your first time and everything is so new. and you need that first month to rest and recuperate...and of course to gain confidence in taking care of baby. like now i'm perfectly fine left alone with her...once i even took a bath (a quick one..just in case she woke up and i can't go out in time to console her).

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