Friday, January 4, 2008

Sleepless evenings

I don't think i'll get to finish's estimated 45mins till Eliza wake up from her nap. gosh it's her 2nd 'proper' nap...twice i had to coax her with the pacifier...and she was seemingly asleep with it...and if i remove it she'll cry after 1 min (which is when she realizes it's not there).

I'm trying to really regulate her schedule into a 3 hour schedule when i feel she's really not hungry (ie 1hour or even 1 1/2hr after her feed), i'll hold her off with the pacifier or carry her around till she sleeps or till the time's right to feed her. sometimes it's a lil less than 3 hours..the last interval was only 2 1/2hrs but she seemed really fed up with the pacifier and turning red sucking it. (must be wondering how come there's no milk coming out from the pacifier).

she tends to be awake after her bath, although she's quite asleep before her bath as i'll usually feed her b4 that. i learnt never to bathe a hungry's hard to carry her, bathe her, much less clothe her when she's crying for milk. so a satisfied baby is a happy baby...see why her bathing photos are always so happy.
next interval to be awake is the noon or afternoon, then a good nap..and then it's the fussy evening. last night she was awake from 7plus till 1130pm. i was so tired out by 10pm that i left Ww to coax her, pat her and sing to her to sleep while i dozed off. woke to feed her groggily at 11pm which she finally fell asleep after that. thank God she slept through till 2am (gosh i had time to nice!), then woke at 5am and then at 730am.

Now that it's Jan and i'm 4 days out from my confinement, things still feel the same just that i can bathe normally, drink plain water and go out. Of course going out needs a bit of orchestrating...i need to make sure my mil is free, then if with Eliza there's a lot of barang barang to bring. meanwhile it's just a lil i'm looking forward to the weekend when we have cell over and church on sunday.

i want to go out and buy CNY clothes but it seems like i still can't fit in much of my pre-pregnancy clothes. i can for some but i look fat in them...really! even my mil says so :( geez. so i'm still wearing my pregnancy clothes..which makes me feel a lil better...see? pregnancy clothes last till after the pregnancy. need to plan a time to go shopping tho i prob only have 3-4 hours..or mayb 6 hours out...before i start to feel engorged and need to pump milk out. the wonders and non-wonders of breastfeeding. now it's like my going out times are limited...unless i bring Eliza along and nurse her while we're out.

Eliza's milestones..
- she seem to genuinely smile at me while i play with her
- her neck muscles are getting stronger (even tho at 2 weeks she's already lifting her head..and most ppl was saying that's like wah..)
- she enjoys sitting up and would exhibit that want to sit up or being lifted up
- she turns her head to us calling her (my fil tried today...and eliza turned frm left to right to left to right..cos my fil went from l to r to l to r

Eliza's days
mummy's colleague bought me this play gym and i'm trying this for the first time..what are those flying things?

eh mummy & daddy...why are they making noises and waving around?

lap time with mummy...yawns..i think i wanna sleep!!

another nice uncle & auntie bought me this clock which mummy brings it out for me to play everyday..(and uses it to 'record' my last feed). hmm...what's the time now?

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