Wednesday, January 2, 2008

After 1 month and other stuff

I take videos of her occasionally and it's hard to catch her in action sometimes, i wait and wait and she doesn't do much, and when i don't video her she has lots of tricks up her sleeves, else the camera's too far away. but this video was taken after her feed and she was so sleepy i would wake her up...but she smiles, half smiles and frowns (it's a facial exercise i believe..cos it's gone in a jiffy). in this video, my camera memory card was full by the end of the video...geez. but we love watching this one over and over again. (maybe it's some compulsive disorder...we keep looking at her over and over again...and get excited on how cute she is)

On my mornings and bathing Eliza
Eliza coos and makes interesting noises when she's in a good mood, after her baths, and when we entertain her. in particular a fun time of the day is her bath time. tho it's always my wakeup time and sometimes i don't even have time to wash up, brush teeth or eat bfast till she has bathed. most of the time my mil helps to bathe her, i do that when she's out to the market and i think i shouldn't hold off her bathing any longer. before bathtime is always my sleepy time, cos i always wish i can hang around in bed longer. usually i'll bring her to our bed for the morning feed and nurse her lying down while i doze off. sometimes she'll doze off after her feed, sometimes she'll stay awake and 'talk' to herself...which i'll encourage as to wake her sleepy daddy up. (yeah...her daddy 'complains' at times tho he'll still wake to talk to her a bit and doze off again) mornings are such sleepy times...

ohhh..but BATHTIMES...are fun. she's always so happy bathing, except when she's we always make sure she feeds full and clears all her poop b4 bath. ( really don't want poop on you when you bring her to bathe...i got it once and i learnt my lesson...even if it means hanging around the changing table for 5 mins to make sure she is done with her poos. i don't mind the pees...and it has happened quite a few times but at least it isn't messy)

when we first came back from the hospital i wonder how to bathe her but thank God with my mil around, it was easier and i learnt from her.
- first is to clean her face, eyes, nose and mouth with facial cotton & warm water (cos her face can't go in water). it's quite satisfying to clean the "eye shit" off, or some nose dirt..and you know prob some lingering shit out milk somewhere around her face

- then it's to bathe her in this position, clean her hands and under all the joints and creases, esp her neck. i'm finding it hard to find her neck nowadays esp after all the fats that's accumulating there. she tends to be a lil anxious in this position, (i think she worries that she'll fall in even though we hold her tight) and she'll grab my mil's shirt or the bathtub which really can't be grabbed anyway

oh then this is her most favourite position...and she'll look so contented while we bathe her

after she's all bathed and nice...i can finally settle to do my morning stuff (or finish my morning stuff if i've done halfway) and eat breakfast and talk to her...while watching tv too. :)

On numbers and money
I had wanted to write about this but keep forgetting...about buying 4D. numbers like Eliza's birth date, her time of birth and even her NRIC number. obviously my fil bought those numbers once he knew it...(gosh i dunno how much he spent on buying these numbers). obviously it didn't come out the 1st week...but 3 weeks later, there was quite a commotion at home. cos her DOB came out as first prize. oops! and he didn't buy it. then came all the phone calls...which i realized then that my mil's friends/family have asked her for Eliza's DOB to buy 4d too..and one of her friends did win few thousand buying it. it was a lil frustrating for my in-laws since it was such a 'clear win' in a way. we gave little thought to it, knowing that the probability of winning any of these things are so slim, we can earn more investing money instead. but it was an interesting in-laws had to hang up the phone cos so many of their friends/family were like calling and they were frustrated i guess cos they didn't buy it.

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