Monday, December 31, 2007

1st outing at church

(on a side note...i can't seem to write all i want to write in one sitting so while i may have started out writing on one day, i may only finish it at the end of the day or a few days later or like now starting a new post because i think i wrote too much on the other)

Anyway...on going to service on sundays, we have decided to go for second service till we can get used to things before considering going to 1st service. Mainly because there's too much to be done in the morning to make it in time for 830am service. We have to wake up, feed baby, bathe baby, dress her up, then settle our own stuff, eat breakfast, pack going out bag etc.

It was the first time we're out so it was a lil challenging as we didn't know what to bring, somewhat and it was the first time packing baby's bag (not ours!). we can survive with just our hp and wallet..that's all we need to bring anyway. then we have to pack her milk...which was new to us...we have to pack the ice pack to keep the milk cold, then the hot water flask to heat up the milk and a cup to put the milk in to heat it up. so mafan rite? but i don't really know how to nurse her outside so we'll work with EBM & bottle feeding.

we didn't manage to figure out the sling enough..and somewhat not too confident with it so we brought the pram which my sil gave us instead. still quite fine tho we didn't use it much. Eliza started to be rooting for milk on our way to church and i was fast? so i tried to calm her down a bit, carried her in her fav position and she seemed better. because i was carrying her, she somewhat fell asleep....until we put her down in the pram at the beginning of the service, fussed till we gave her the pacifier. halfway through it seemed like she's really hungry for milk, so we fed her and by the time she's done she fell right to sleep...gosh she sleeps everytime we're out! (in a way it's a good thing...tho lotsa ppl don't really get to see her in action)

to a certain extent the pram was quite useless that day cos i was carrying her all was so nice to see her snugly asleep tho it was tiring after a while as i was carrying her with 1 hand. she's heavy!

one thing i wonder is whether she doesn't quite like the sound of the organ. it stirred her awake and caused her to be a lil edgy..twice. interestingly when she was still in my womb i also get a lil irritated with the organ sound, esp when i'm near it (cos MM sits right in front of the organ). maybe cos it's too loud or some frequency that gives me a headache.

so far going to church is the only time we'll get to dress her up cos her daddy says there's germs around. he heard from his colleagues that they don't bring their babies out to crowded places till they're 3-4mths old. gotta quickly wear some of the clothes le...cos she's outgrowing some of them very quickly!!

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