Monday, December 31, 2007

Eliza is 1 month old!

It was a busy but fun weekend...there were quite some new things for us, first it was the...

Eliza's 1st month celebration...
The morning was normal..just that my mil was busy cooking, so my fil & i helped peeling the veg & dou4ya1 while watching 881 on dvd.

Eliza busy sleeping and moving sideways in her sleep...

after her late afternoon feed i changed her into her new dress that uncle ZH& auntie Marg gave her...while everyone had comments on whether she should wear pants (which i tried but she looked weird in i now conclude all the pants, esp long pants are useless since she has diapers anyway..ahh..wasted buying sil says should use cute baby panties instead), then it's which socks to wear, then it's her necklace & anklet my mil gave her and we tried to put on her headband which made her look really cute but it keeps coming off.
ahh...dressed and looking eh...plump

we tried taking a photo with her but she was so asleep

By the time my mil's relatives and friends came at about 5plus Eliza was fast asleep.

she woke at 6pm to drink milk while i left her to my mil to bottle-feed her and show her off to family and friends. but after that Eliza was so sleepy she fell asleep again! so by the time our friends came they only saw her sleeping in heavenly peace, undisturbed by all the noise and laughter outside or all our talking in the room. gosh...she can sleep through a thunderstorm! she only woke at 9pm to feed and by then most people have already gone off.

daddy carries her to see everyone

oh...then it was time for her to be awake till late but it's ok...we were all busy here and there packing up stuff so it seems like she was entertained while being carried here and there. what a day!

we enjoyed the day..just as Eliza enjoyed it sleeping thru everything. we thank all our family and friends who came to say hi, see Eliza, shower her with gifts. we wished we had more time to talk to everyone (it seems like there's endless things to talk about and catch up..esp friends we haven't seen for a while). but nevertheless, thank you all who came, it was fun having you around, and it was great sharing our joy.

Eliza's end of the day...
what's this new book? seems interesting

yawns...what a day! mummy changed me into my night clothes and i think i'm ready to sleep somemore

Our family photo!

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