Friday, December 28, 2007

We went out!

Yesterday after dinner, Ww & I took a short trip out. For me it's like finally 'get out of the house' day!! So we left Eliza in the hands of my in-laws to take care. Ok it wasn't that drama anyway it was just a 2hr trip out to TM & CS ( much has changed!..i must be some mountain turtle at home). There were belated christmas presents i wanted to get but it was too rushed to shop properly.

There were 'errands' to run anyway, we needed to get the cake vouchers, get a new cleaner, check out baby stuff. So we ended up comparing prices at kiddy palace & ntuc for stuff like laundry cleaner, diapers, wet wipes. We wanted to get a musical crib mobile but then found that it averages $100 plus...(!!!!!!) we saw a $30+ one but we weren't sure of the quality...(how come it's so cheap?) in the end we decided not to get one. Ww said he could string our stuffed toys and hang it over the cot (hahah..really?).

our lil trip out made me realize how un-exercised i am...gosh...after 2 hours of walking / shopping i'm tired...even though i've shed about 10kg of my preg weight. (i didn't mind walking up the overhead bridge now that i'm lighter but i'm still tired!). and also after spending so much time with Eliza and around Eliza..i miss her already. gee..

while we were out....Eliza napped and woke for more milk. but but but...she pooed and it was so much it almost leaked out of her diapers (it happens cos sometimes of the way we carry her and yes cos it's really a lot). and while my mil was changing it for her she was crying so hard (according to my mil) that her face turned white...scared my mil. so they quickly changed her into new diapers and carried her, that was when she stopped crying. so when we came back she was as peaceful as a dove..playing at our living room sofa. sometimes i don't really know why she cries so hard...i think this time was maybe because she really didn't like her soiled diapers..which is unusual cos she doesn't bother..(i bother)

tmr's her 1st mth celebration...:) wearing new clothes and meet lots of aunties and uncles woh.

Thank you Lord for bringing us through these days of knowing and understanding Eliza, of protecting and loving her.

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