Sunday, January 13, 2008

Surviving Baby's 1st - 3rd Months

I read this from another blog which i found quite relevant. so if you're a to-be mum or planning for the future..whell..these are stuff that don't really change tho here's my take on it

1. Buy a cloth sling and practice carrying baby in it all day...
I bought. but i haven't practiced it. I'm lazy i know but it was tough trying it...still i'll persevere.
Eliza tends to fall asleep in it but there was once she was quite unhappy about being in it..i think i was quite a mess anyway...if u saw me figuring it out.
these were the 2 times i successfully got her in and comfortable. (it's the only position i know so far =7 )
on 27 dec

on 8 jan

2. When he is awake and in the sling, sit him a little more upright and point out things to him as you go about your day. When you're brushing your teeth, make funny faces to him in the mirror, when you're pouring milk, explain how Mom drinks milk too. He'll love being part of your day.
i guess what she meant was to talk to yr baby. and i find that there are times i'll just rattle on stuff, though i'm not sure she really understands what's it about, but she's learning. so i tell her daddy to talk to her more often esp since he's so busy at work and so tired when he comes back..she needs to hear his voice more. he did this weekend, engaging in conversation with Eliza, telling her abt the wedding dinner he's going tonight.

3. Spend some of the day with him in his crib or on your bed or on the floor. Talk to him, sing to him, animate some stuffed toys and do a little play for him, read to him. He just wants to see your face and loving glances at this point.
somehow i have to...except for mornings when i'll scuttle around to make bfast, sort out her after bath stuff, i'll leave her on the bouncy net to entertain herself. otherwise i'll usually play with her, try out the playgym (more on that another time..), recently i've started to read to her. singing...i tend to hum the tunes more than sing the lyrics...can't remem them it's time for me to memorize more songs! tho singing is used for trying to get her to sleep..

4. If you want to put him down for a nap, try nursing him on the side (with a small towel under you to sop up the spillage) and then once he is asleep, you can steal away. :) Just make sure he is safe wherever he is.
i don't nurse her to sleep tho in the nights and early mornings i'll do so (so that i can sleep!) i used to nurse her lying down in the mornings (6-7am feeds) but i've given it up since i don't do it too well..and it's hard on my back, i dunno why..i think i didn't do it right.

5. Remember to feed and hydrate yourself too.
yups..and during confinement i did. i still try to and interestingly i get hungry easily. i'm not sure if it's cos i just don't have enough time to eat or it's due to breastfeeding (burns fats!) but drinking is important...keeps the milk coming. :P

6. Keep reading material and your phone (important for impromptu brilliant Kodak moments and surfing or checking Gmail) near you in case you suddenly need to nurse and can't get up to get stuff. i try..but sometimes in the flurry of things i forget, or i've already put Eliza on my lap and it's mafan to get up and get a camera. moreover, my camera, hp, book, internet is in the different part of the house.

7. If there's someone else in the house to help you, ensure they have a mobile phone too so you can keep your phone on silent and send text messages when you need help and baby is asleep.
hm..not too applicable for me. i juz shout. my house isn't too big. ( is asleep..ok..i'll just walk out of my room)

8. Create a routine for yourself and follow it everyday. It will help you manage your day better for now.
yes although mine isn't too routined and is still at the mercy of Eliza's sleep & feed time. but i'll have in mind what i want to do in the intervals when Eliza's asleep. (so far it's the best time i can do other stuff)

9. Rest as much as you can. It's impossible to nap with baby every time but just lying down helps. Get some me-time as well. Let Daddy play with baby for as much time as he can spare for important Dad-bonding (children who have involved fathers are more self-confident and possess better self-worth as adults).
that was during my confinement...i try to rest and do nothing much..except surf online and nap once a day. i try to nap once a day nowadays. Ww does good get-Eliza-to-sleep at night tho i know he's already quite tired out then. else i'll get him to bottle feed her when he comes back in the evening

10. Believe in yourself. The most critical thing for this period is to build your confidence as a mother and bond with your child. Everything else should take a backseat. Enjoy every moment with baby for you'll never get back this precious time when they are so tiny.
yeah so true. being with her 24hours is tiring but it's so precious.

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