Monday, January 14, 2008


still on what the author of this blog wrote..but i've added my take on hers at

1. You will feel an overwhelming love for your baby

yup and it grows over time...even it's only 6 weeks for me...and even though she frustrates me sometimes. when my hormones was in transition after birth, i would get teary thinking of her and how much i love her

2. You won't feel the episiotomy cut
i didn't really know if i had one until i asked my gynae...and yeah couldn't feel a thing..whell not till few days did feel sore down there..and i made sure i ate my painkillers. i was still asking the nurse what if i need to poo.

3. You will forget the pain of childbirth and labour
The sleepless nights that follow are responsible for that, and also the joy of nurturing your child.
ok i so agree

4. Your body needs to heal
Get help during your first month, preferably Mom or a confinement lady (so you won't feel guilt about Mom taking the night shift all the time).
I so agree too. with my mil off at genting these 3 days, gosh i wonder how i'll survive the 1st month. but i did all the night shifts..thank God Eliza was still ok

5. You will feel some pain below
thot this was the same as no.2. ok..anyway it's sore..the most 'pain' was when my gynae removed the stitch. eep!

6. Breastfeeding will be a tough nut to crack
it was manageable at first...and there're challenges along the way..

7. You will get used to the night feeds
oh yeah...i'm still surviving on at most 3 hour interval sleeps (i had a 4hour sleep once..oh heaven!) i'm still thriving on these broken sleep

8. Throw out the superstitions
i dunno how much is superstitions and how much is not...i followed some and couldn't be bothered about some..wrote abt it in previous entries

9. Take pain relief when you need it
Whether it is in the labour ward or post-delivery, take the pain relief that is offered you. Technology is there for a reason. Keep your options open. Plus, for me it was easier to concentrate on pushing with an epidural while watching the chart, rather than racked with agonising pain.
yups. i still thank God for epidural...even tho it's a $600 thing. i still consider not going for it for my next delivery tho..must try the breathing method.

10. Breastfeeding does help you lose weight
I gained 16kg. Lost 6 kg post-delivery (or 1 week after delivery). still can't fit in my jeans..and look fat in my other tight-fitting clothes :(

11. Your back will hurt like hell

i think the culprit of lots of backpain is from taking care of kids, from breastfeeding (i lean on my bed with baby in cradle position but sometimes couldn't position properly), carrying baby (from the bed, from the sofa, from the bathtub...endless) , and just being plain old tired.

12. You will never be the same again
Yup, i'm a mummy now. hello territory.

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