Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Days of Eliza

See weekends are these were some of the stuff done over the weekend..and after that


mummy's cell came and i was sleeping..daddy was to take care of me while mummy's having cell..and he slept too. when we woke, he brought me to join her cell and i was kinda sleepy after milk and the way daddy carried me is so comfy!

but he couldn't support my he used this pillow. mummy's cell ppl say i look like a lil boss....



we made it for 1st service this sunday and ah-ma bathed me earlier than normal (at 730am). plus daddy drove! he drove my gugu's car but i was so soothe by the car's motion i was sleeping most of the way. after that we went to TM to celebrate my grandma's birthday (mummy didn't take photo tsk tsk..) i made a fuss before we got out also because my cousins woke me up and i wasn't i kept crying..and wanted milk too. so we were late but i was so soothed by the car and the pram that i slept almost throughout their lunch. i guess mummy was glad she could eat peacefully. we went home in the afternoon and mummy thot i was going to sleep but noo..i was sleeping so much in the morning i was wide awake! so they played with me and later mummy tried making me sit on the sofa with the rest of the stuffed toys... gee...i'm of comparable size to them

but i don't wanna be there :(

see now she thinks it's fun and keeps taking picture of me...on another day, the same position. daddy loves this photo so much he puts it as his laptop's wallpaper and shows it to everyone :)

ain't i cute?

mummy discovered that i do like sleeping on my back in the day time too...un-swaddled, cos she always find me out of my swaddling cloth when she feeds me at night. i'm so strong!! ahaha

My playgym days...
i like my playgym...and it gives me minutes of fun and things to see...and mummy some peace-time. note the position of where i am in the playgym....

isn't it fun?

i was quite intrigued by the car hanging above me...why is it looking at me??

oh...i've kicked and shifted my butt out of where i was...the mummy carries me to sleep's time to sleep!

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