Tuesday, January 22, 2008

another week has passed

Very soon i'll have to return to work :( while i kinda like my job, i can't bear to leave home without Eliza. there's so much to do and she has so much to grow, it feels like you don't want to miss it all. now the discussion is how to manage while i'm away at work..and whether i can work flexi hours and lesser hours. after all i'll be leaving my mil alone to take care of Eliza, while it can be done (i survived 3 days last week + housework on my own), she's also not young and managing baby with housework isn't gonna be easy day in day out..esp with her joint pains. so we're considering getting a part-time domestic helper to do the vacuuming and cleaning up, and consider ordering tingkat so she won't have to cook. tho..i know she just will want to keep cleaning (she cleans the bathroom almost everyday) and homecooked food is still healthier than food from outside. Ww & I are not in favor of getting a maid even tho the costs may be cheaper than getting a domestic helper to come twice a week. but it's the extra mouth to feed, extra space to accommodate; and if getting a maid just to do housework, what is she gonna do after all the housework is done? plus the chances of getting a reliable and good maid is not easy, out of all the maids that my sil has..my mil only likes one (has a lot of complaints for the current one). don't really want to tax her with taking care of baby & housework..so we're still in the midst of figuring out something...

On the weekend..
Weekends are kinda fun, on top of going to church..this weekend we ventured out to Airport Terminal 3! wohoo...so much for Ww saying shouldn't bring Eliza out coz there's germs...we intended to go on our own...lug the pram up bus 27 and carry Eliza. but thank God Ww's parents decided to join us for dinner at airport after their trip at Chinatown to buy CNY stuff.
Eliza juz drank milk before going out so she's quite in a good mood but and i was in a mess cos there's stuff to prep and pack and Ww's parents were waiting already..she was quite happy being at the front...

and watching....the sky??

Eliza: after dinner i was making a fuss cos i want to be carried and mummy guessed..hungry! so my ah-ma had to carry me around. gosh..i look like i'm in winterland with that hat!

Eliza: i try to look into daddy's eyes..but he's too busy posing for this photo..tsk tsk..

yays! another family photo...it's so hard to get one cos i'm always the shutter happy one..sometimes i always forget to get someone to take photos when i'm so happy taking photos of Eliza.

oh oh...while i usually put Eliza to zz on her tummy in the daytime she hardly does this, i suspect it's coz she's sleepy, and if she's awaking she isn't quite in a good mood to do this..woo..it's been a long time since i've seen her raise her head like that le. :P

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