Friday, January 25, 2008

Is baby going out too much?

I'm going to my office tdy to discuss my going back to work with my boss...he's really nice, actually it was my boss who brought it up even before i went on maternity leave. he said we can tailor to work to suit my working times. i wasn't sure if i want to bring Eliza along to say hi, tho it'll be cool to do so.

with the possibility of bringing Eliza out alone on possibly public transport, i popped to TM to run some errands last night. bought new diapers cos her current Pampers dry size S seems too big...and her pee/poo leaks from the side cos it's not tight enough. so i got the NTUC brand's on offer and someone mentioned that it's soft & absorbs well too...ok i'll try it out and see. picked up my new jeans :) went to order Hagen Das cake for my sis (her bday on sunday). and...of cos bought a baby carrier for $148. (would have loved to buy the Baby Bjorn sil says it's really good but no choice kiddy Palace doesn't sell it and i got its vouchers to use). waiting for her to wake up for milk and try carrying her with it.

anyway yesterday my mil & i & Eliza went to the SporeExpo John Little sale. not much stuff other than $1.20 rompers. the most exciting thing about the trip was that i forgot to bring her pacifier. i reckon that if she really cries then we'll juz carry her. lo and behold...she did! cried and didn't want to be in the stroller...and i carried her up, discovered her pants was wet..oops pee overflow. anyway i guessed her crying is cos it was too loud in there (imagine those lelong ppl...shouting over the microphones about the hourly special). anyway after her milk...she was quite zonked out.

but she cried again a while after we went back in *faint*. it's those loud if she's startled from her sleep. we tried swaddling her and viola! she slept all the way thru the rest of the shopping and going home.

lesson learnt: always remember to bring pacifier.

and i went for a nov07 mummies gathering on wed. i was worried about handling Eliza alone...with the pram. i only have 2 hands. but still i made it...yays! shared cab with Olivetree

*Eliza cry*
*out to office*
*back at 10:49pm to con't blog*

..and it wasn't so difficult as i imagined it to be. gosh there's always the first time with baby. still lugging that pram with one hand and Eliza on the other hand was tiring but manageable. it was going to rain so we had the gathering indoors instead. not so much use for the pram cos we put our babies on mattresses :P
aren't they so cute? can u spot Eliza?

tadaa...oops...Eliza gotta be a lil more gentle, uh-oh..yr flying arms made yr friend beside u cry

it was fun chatting with mummies, enjoying the food and managing our cute lil babies (whether it's feeding them, carrying them, pacifying them, changing them etc etc). not easy but it's good to have ppl around who's going thru similar stuff, and sharing about our experience with our babies.
this is only one half of the mummies :)

anyway back today.....
i came back safely from my lil trip to office with Eliza...and help from my sister who went with me. this is me with the baby carrier i bought yesterday.

not too difficult to wear it and i think it is so comfortable for Eliza (look at her sleep!) cos she's in an upright position and my walking rocks her to sleep. was sooooo shuang for her that she literally slept ALL the way from when i left home till i reached home (almost..cos she woke up when i got out of the cab). ok she did stir a little, frown a little when my colleagues were like trying to play with her...gosh otherwise she's super knocked out. we took mrt & bus there and took a cab back. oh please remind me to never take a taxi from 5pm-8pm frm town area anymore, it cost me $22.60 (!?$%$^#). normally it would be like half the price.

anyway i'll work till 3.30pm was what i talked about and discussed with my family...tho my boss thot i could work a 3 day week. ok...when i told Ww & my family..they were like commenting that it could be good too..(if not i kinda have off day..and my mil can go out). now i'm confused...cos i told my boss abt leaving early...should i go for a 3-day week?? argh...confused.

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