Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleep training week

It's been quite an uneventful week...tho i thot i better start trying to sleep train her and get her into routine by the time i go back to work. actually i could have done it earlier so i'm not sure how it'll be. actually she's been on a quite ok 3hr routine +/- 1/2 hour. tho it always gets messed up by the night sleeps because she does go for a longer stretch. still she's not dropping her early morning feed and wakes up at 1 or 2am for milk, and then 5am. it was bad last night cos i was so tired out by her awakeness at 2+3am. i crawled in and out of bed, giving her the pacifier and dropping off to sleep and waking again. i really want to refrain from giving her the pacifier to fall to sleep..but sometimes it's really hard.

today i tried the crying down method (while my mil was out). it worked the 1st time in less than 5mins...but she woke 1/2hr later for more milk which is 1hr earlier than her usual feed. the 2nd time i tried, she cried even louder when i turned her over to lie on her back that i gave in to her..and gave the pacifier. :( it's not easy...listening to her cry even for 5mins...i gotta try at least 15mins. someone in the forum said her friend let her baby cry for 2.5hrs(!!) but the baby eventually did learn to sleep on her own (w/o rocking, cradling, patting, pacifier). gosh what a dream. for now a dream will be that she is able to follow a more stable routine and sleep thru the night (at least frm 10pm-5am). actually i'm reading the Gina Ford The Complete Sleep guide for contented babies. a bit late to implement it? Eliza's 8weeks le...

anyway it's gonna be an uneventful rest of the week. Ww's super busy with school/discipline matters/masters course/& the super stressful EV. so he's back like 730pm everyday....only to con't working till 11+pm. poor him. so if i'm gonna try getting Eliza to her bedtime routine from 7pm onwards that leaves him with little time to play with her. sigh...

i'm starting work soon..yeap..and 3 day week. Thank God. there's so much to prepare but so little EBM is taking up so much space in the freezer that my mil say got no space to put her cny food. i really dunno what to do with my frozen EBM. i'm trying out giving Eliza frozen EBM (of cos defrosted le la) tmr...cos i guess we'll need it when i go back to work. i'm also considering giving her bottled EBM so that i can better track her milk intake but a lot more things to do and the wait time for the milk is long, esp when Eliza's hungry earlier than i anticipated. a certain extent it new problems arise with baby growing older...not easy. but her gurgles and conversations with me always makes my day. it's always so rewarding to see her smile, and genuinely smile at me.

this was taken last week...before we went out to gaigai...she knows we're going out and is quite excited about it.
dance move 1

dance move 2

E: i'm super duper happy! yay! we're going out!

E: lalalala

this was the day i brought her to my office to show her off...she slept all the way rite? then back home she's awake..ok...tho still sleepy.

today i was bored of doing the same stuff with her in the afternoon, usually i'll
- read books to her
- let her play on the play gym
- sing songs to her
- talk to her
- leave her on her bouncy net (that's not bouncy at all) to stare at her linglinglonglong. i brought her downstairs for a walk...she was real excited when i carried her in the baby mil say she got hua1 jiao3 (like to go out)
so she was staring around....oooooo

couldn't really take both of arm not long it's either her or me.

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