Friday, February 1, 2008

No time & SleepFeed routine

I feel like i got no time.

it's true that newborns sleep lots more. i felt i had more time then. geez. nowadays it's more like trying to keep Eliza company when she's awake & going to sleeps. see i'm with her when she
- drinks milk
- awake/play time
- getting her to sleep
now that leaves me with my own stuff when she's asleep to do stuff...not counting the time i spend when she's asleep expressing BM. *faint*

plus i'm trying to keep her to a routine of feed / play / sleep. and trying to get her to hopefully sleep thru the night. so far what's been happening....
8am - wake up, milk
9am - bathe (went to clinic that day back by 1030am)
1030am - sleep (easy one cos she's tired out)
11am - wake up, milk then play
12nn - sleep
2pm - wake up, milk then play (left her on the play gym while i expressed milk, left her on the bouncy net while i did some admin stuff)
4pm - sleep (i take a bath)
5pm - wake up, milk, play (rocked her on the bouncy net..she enjoyed it quite a bit..lasted a long while)
7pm - sleep
8pm - wake up, milk, bedtime routine (of wipe down, change shirt, rub ruyi oil, say goodnight sweet dreams to her, turn the lights down, turn on lullaby) it took me 45mins b4 she fell asleep at about 9pm
11pm - woke her up for milk

the next day
3am - woke up for milk (slept at almost 4am)
630am - woke up for milk
730 am - i crawl out of bed did my morning stuff
8am - fed her milk (only 50ml) , then i express BM,
845am - bathtime, quiet play time aka watch me eat bfast time,
10am - sleep
11am - wake up, milk (100ml), play at my bed & read book while i express BM
1230nn - sleep
230pm - woke her up for milk cos she was so sleepy, then put her on play gym while i express BM
430pm - sleep (while i help my mil & sil with making the pineapple tarts)
5pm - wake up, milk (110ml), play
630pm - sleep (i bathe..)
730pm - (actually we woke at 7pm) wake in the midst of my dinner, milk (125ml)
8pm - bedtime routine (read a book, wipe down, rub ruyi oil, say good night sweet dreams, turn on lullaby...rock to sleep, put down to cot, cry, rock to sleep, put down to cot, cry, rock to sleep, put down to cot, cry....okokokokok pacifier..sleep ) and off waking up. fed her 40ml milk coz she seeemed so hungry. waiting for 1030pm or 11pm to feed her the last feed or so they say the dreamfeed.

yawns...i'm so tired!

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